Sonya Haffey is the Principal of V Starr, beginning her career in 2000. She has led the day to day of V Starr operations since 2009. When she joined the company, Sonya used her extensive experience from previous roles and founder of her own design firm, to transition V Starr from being exclusively residential to including a strong commercial basis.

Sonya works closely with the firm’s President, Venus Williams, on keeping V Starr running as a well-oiled machine. The two bring together their strengths to create impactful designs such as those at their first hospitality project, the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami. She and Venus share a signature whimsical outlook and passionate energy, an approach that shines through in the firm’s projects which include the tennis lounge at Chicago’s Midtown Athletic Club flagship, and the V Suite at the adjoining Hotel at Midtown in Chicago.

Sonya attended Florida State University and, after graduating, studied interior design abroad in places such as London, Paris, Milan, and Glasgow. She was licensed two years after entering the design world proving her passion for the field and desire to become a serious professional.

Sonya’s specialties are business development and relationships. She has a natural talent for space planning that has been proven during her years of experience.