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One East Harlem

One East Harlem
Location: Harlem, NY

COMPLETED: April 2022

Located within a historically and culturally rich neighborhood, One East Harlem blends an urban lifestyle with the fabric of the city.

A 19-story building of 55,300 square feet of facilities features interior spaces that are welcoming and modern, and pay homage to Harlem’s vibrant history and culture.

Using elements from all the art forms, poetry, music, art and dance, as inspiration, the interior amenity spaces are vibrant, modern and inspiring. An extensive custom curated art package adds feelings of discovery and energy and is highlighted in areas such as the media room with the bold boombox wall graphics, and the library with modern conceptualized portraits of significant local figures. The color palette is bright and energetic, further referencing the rhythm of the locale and setting a scene for inspiration.

V Starr completed the interior design for all amenity spaces (interior and exterior) along with unit finishes for the almost 1000 residences and the properties model units.

The building is designed by S9 Architecture