Weiss Architecture Studio

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The Manor Fort Lauderdale by the Sea

Location: Fort Lauderdale by the Sea

In nature, the continuity of lines and shapes infinitely reach through space, and bold angles form suspense in their direction. We imitated nature and applied these principles to create the concept for The Manor – geometry will never cease.

We used the angles and suspense to convey a nautical sentiment within the space without feeling too cliché or obvious. Imagine the hull of a ship, and the way all lines hug the contours – the space is precise and each component is serving a purpose. Imagine a mixture of natural elements with a clean outfit; marble in a chevron pattern, wood with a whitewash, wood bricks with geometric faces creating a brick wall, and a light fixture formed solely with a metal chain that mimics a Protea. From the moment you enter through the lobby doors, space will take you to a place that creates a sense of calmness by utilizing nature’s beauty and geometry.