1000 OCEAN


1000 Ocean is a beautiful luxury condominium in Boca Raton, FL adjacent to the Boca Raton Beach Club.   LXR Luxury Resorts & Hotels is the developer of the building that includes beautifully done kitchens and bathrooms with every detail taken into consideration sparing no expense.   We were commissioned to create a luxury living space in one of their larger hard to sell units. We spent a great deal of time with the sales associates to determine the necessary scope of the various spaces and worked diligently with our team to create custom millwork to suite the space and clientele.   The unit was purchased almost immediately to clients delight.   We were responsible for all furnishings, movement of some walls, accessories and final staging as well as assisting with marketing the space.


The model at One Thousand Ocean will give you a sense of serenity in nature with flashes of modern pieces.  The color palette will emphasize the view, with mostly sandy neutrals, yet tactile upholstery finishes, and natural blues and greens as accents. The blues and greens will complement one another, and be present in an array of styles and textures. Using dimensional wall coverings that mimic natural elements and artwork that is colorized to capture the essence of nature, the spaces presence will be seamless within the site. The furniture will be timeless in form and finish. Custom furnishings will maximize space and create drama with the existing architectural elements, giving careful attention to furniture shape and placement, always remaining mindful of circulation and the view beyond the walls. Crisp lighting with dimmable features will have the ability to work functionally and aesthetically,and will also be classic, with clean lines. The floraI pieces will also be works of art to add another level of sophistication to the space.

With maximizing today’s technology and nature’s beauty, this unit is bound to create a lasting impression.














Max Urban Millwork created all the custom pieces for the space. Photography is by Brantley Photography out of Delray Beach, FL.