Botaniko is a luxury residential development in Weston Florida.   The project includes 10 different homes ranging from 3,200 square feet up to 8, 300 square feet.   The beautiful homes architecture has been meticulously designed by the Terra Group along with architects Ronnie Mateo and Chad Oppenheim. No expense has been spared in the contemporary design of these homes that use natural material and minimalist influences.   V Starr was commissioned to create a luxurious clubhouse along with models homes for the sales of these residences.   Our scope of services including working with the rendering companies, architects, and branding companies to assure that all branding and materials were synonymous with the design of the interiors. Just as important, we worked hand in hand with the Botaniko sales team in doing market research to ensure we were gaining the interest of the correct audience. This project is currently under construction with a tentative completion date of June for the sales center and December 2015 for the models homes. Please see their website for further information


For the residences at Botaniko Weston, V Starr worked with renowned architects Roney Mateu and Chad Oppenheim to create interior environments that complimented both of their unique architectural aesthetics. Our goal, to keep the interiors and exteriors seamless, was accomplished delivering interiors that are bright and inviting, appealing to the most refined of tastes.

The Mateu residences features highly sophisticated streamlined interiors using clean lines, minimal transitions and crisp lighting to highlight linear sculptural elements. Our objective was to reduce visual noise while keeping interest.

The Oppenheim residences take on a more organic stance, using natural materials, curvilinear elements, and inspiration from nature to create a serene environment. These interiors create the perfect marriage of exterior surroundings with the interior elements.





Ronnie Mateu and Chad Oppenheim are the architects for the homes.