V Starr designed two spaces within the Midtown Athletic Club and Hotel; the tennis lounge just off the courts, as well as a specialty suite in the hotel called the V Suite. While these spaces resemble each other in color, they create two very different intensities. The design concept for the tennis lounge is sophistication meets vibrancy. V Starr used dynamic lines throughout to create energy and movement. The window film image at the entry is an action shot of professional tennis player and V Starr Interior’s principal, Venus Williams. The intent was for this image to set the tone for what is inside the space. Adjacent to the image of Venus, VStarr created a display area for tournament trophies as well as to accent some of the products in the pro shop. This incredible display area consists of glass shelves cantilevered above an exposed angled architectural beam. The tennis lounge is full of energy with an electric color scheme to match. Revitalize here and watch the pros at work on the tennis court.

At the end of a long, fitness-filled day, retire to the V Suite, and let the five-star experience begin. V Starr Interiors created a suite based on Venus’ dream weekend of wellness and tranquility. The design ismeant to calm you down and set the tone for rest and relaxation. V Starr used warmer dark tones in the living area to really bring your heart rate down and calm your thoughts. Traveling into the bedroom and en suite, the team used white tones and soft textures to invite rejuvenation and serenity. The one-bedroom suite is all about winding down, from its soothing emerald green, dark gray, and cream color scheme to the minimalistic artwork that lines the walls.

We suggest you visit while you are in the Chicago area as the entire space is truly remarkable.