Southeast Tennis and Learning Center is a facility created for afterschool programs for children in the Washington D.C. area.   We focused on bright stimulating and positive colors with educational content in mind.   We wanted to both stimulate their senses and minds.  Most of the content on the tennis side includes role models in sports and rules of tennis.  The other half of the building is reserved for the educational role models from the past century.

The Southeast Tennis and Learning Center is a program that was started by Ms. Cora Barry.   We were brought on the project by Turner construction to create graphic design concepts for the interiors of the facility including concepts as well as content for all walls.  The scope of the project included graphic walls, giving input on interior color selections, research for wall of fame, signage, and finish selection input.   This was our first tennis facility that we worked on and it is for a wonderful cause.



Moody Nolan was the architect on the project.