SofA is a four-story building in the newly rising area South of Atlantic Avenue Arts District in Delray Beach, Florida. Related Group engaged us to design the interiors as well as assist with the marketing and branding which culminated in V Starr naming the project known in the Delray Beach area as the first building in that area with the newly coined SofA distinction. This ground up project included specification and construction documents by V Starr for the lobby of both buildings, leasing offices, conference room, manager’s office, employee lounge, common corridors, pool decks, outdoor game areas, fitness rooms, secondary lobbies community rooms, pool deck, spa deck, wine room, barbeque areas and two model units. This project includes all aspects of interior design: flooring, wallcovering, interior spacial modifications, millwork, reflected ceilings, lighting, plumbing, appliances, furniture, accessories, and art. We worked with the signage company to create custom signage as well as custom doors to all the units along with all standard finishes in the units.


The interior design style at SofA can be described as mixed media. Similar to the way an artist would approach a canvas, it has many diverse elements of décor. SofA is one part meat packing district, one part artists loft and one part lush Florida backdrop, creating interiors that appeal to unique clientel in the SofA district. There is nothing shy about SofA, from the polished concrete floors adorned with area rugs that mimic abstract splatter paint canvases to the over scaled rocking chair under a canopy of industrial Edison bulb fixtures that you might find in a New York City warehouse,. There is something for everyone in outdoor areas lend themselves to many different leisurely pursuits. Whether it is lounging by the pool that has portholes that give glimpses into the lobby below, grilling on the amenity decks with over scaled quirky games or having a pedaling competition with a handful of your friends on the fan bikes on the covered verandas.